Gender violence

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Violence against Women

21st February 2007

Womenhunt in Egypt

15th December 2006

Femnet Trining manual on gender based violence

7th October 2006

Razor’s Edge - The Controversy of Female Genital Mutilation

22nd August 2006

Violence against women in Libya

Women conditions and the need for legal protection

26th May 2006

Violence Against Women In Egypt

Is it the responsibility of the state or the community?

28th February 2006


Murder of Faten Habash

5th May 2005

Legal analysis of the framework law on integrated protection measures against gender violence in Spain from the feminist viewpoint

26th March 2005

Rana Husseini: Created a New Beat Honor Crimes in Jordan

5th March 2005

Final Report of The Consultative Regional Meeting. Arab World

Violence Against Women: Dimensions and Consequences

6th February 2005

Gender Violence

Algeria: Justice given to women in Hassi Messaoud

9th January 2005

Honor Killings in Palestine

2nd December 2004

Violence against women and HIV/AIDS

25th November 2004

Beirut hosts ’honour killing’ conference

13th May 2001

Jordan: Royals lead honour killing protest

14th February 2000

Algeria Islamic body rules on "terror rape"

12th April 1998

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