Mare Nostrum II

Mediterranean women’S Film Series

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Rules of Participation


1. Filmmakers around the Mediterranean are welcome to participate in the Series with films that express a sensibility about women’s reality.


2. The categories of the Series are:

-  Fiction

-  Documentary on Social Issues

-  Youth (section devoted to young filmmakers born after January 1, 1975).

Requirements for Submission

3. Only films produced after January 1, 2002 will be accepted. Films must not have been submitted for the selection of any previous editions of the Series.

4. We recommend you include subtitles on films produced in languages other than Spanish or Catalan, in order to facilitate the Selection Committee’s work and a possible public screening. These subtitles will be, preferably, in Spanish and Catalan, or in English.

5. Films must be sent with a synopsis in Spanish, Catalan, English or French.

6. Films which do not have a high enough technical standard for a public screening will be rejected.

7. Films must be presented in the following format:

-  VHS format (PAL system)

-  DVD format

-  CD video format or DiVX

Registration and delivery of films

8. The submission deadline is March 13, 2005.

9. Participants must present:

-  Completed Registration form. You can find a form on the page (Form to Mare Nostrum).

-  Photocopy of the Filmmaker’s ID

-  Brief resume of the filmmaker.

-  Brief synopsis (see point 5).

-  The Organizers will be grateful for those participants who can send some kind of graphic material (photos, postcards,...) in a CD in order to promote the selected films.


The delivery of films and the required documents must be submitted in person, or mailed to the

following address:

Centre Garcilaso (Mare Nostrum)

c. Juan de Garay, 116-118

08027 - Barcelona SPAIN

Telephone: +34 93 243 17 17


Films (and the relevant documents) must be delivered in an envelope with the name of the Series: “Mare Nostrum” and the category of participation.


12. Once the submission period is over, a Selection Committee will select which films will be exhibited within each category and according to artistic and technical criteria in June. The Selection Committee is made up of recognized audiovisual professionals. The Organizers will establish the number of selected participants.

13. The Organizers will inform filmmakers of the selections before the beginning of the Series. The selections also will appear on the web page:

14. Mare Nostrum is not a competitive festival, so no awards will be given out. However, the Series will compensate all selected participants with a small fee for taking part in the event.

15. The remuneration will be subject to taxes.

16. Selection Committee’s decisions will be irrevocable.

Author’s responsibility and copyright

17. Filmmakers who participate at the Series must guarantee that the productions are their own creations and take entire responsibility for any rights issues regarding their productions. Filmmakers must also be sure to hold all rights to music, interviewees, actors and any other visual or audio material used therein. The Organizers will not take any responsibility regarding improper use of intellectual property rights by the authors of the submitted films.

18. Films presented will not be returned. Filmmakers and producers authorize the use of them in non-profit cultural events, that the Organizers may program in order to promote the films within another setting. On behalf of the Organizers, Mare Nostrum will inform the authors about any such use.

Accepting the regulations

19. Participation at the Series automatically assume acceptation of the present guidelines.

20. The Organizers have the right to settle any cases not covered by the present regulations.

More Information

13th February 2005


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