Paris Declaration on Means of renewing Religious Discourse. August 2003

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies


"There would be no novel religious discourse without comprehensive political reform"

At the invitation of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, The Conferral Meeting On Practical Means Of Renewing Religious Discourse was held in Paris from the 12th to the 13th of August 2003 gathering a distinguished group of thinkers, researchers and human rights advocates from eight different nations within the Arab world (nearly thirty intellectual, researcher and jurist).

This meeting was held within the framework of the programme: "Enhancing the role of the civil Society in decision making in the Arab world". A programme adopted by the CIHRS in co-ordinationwith the International Federation for Human Rights and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network and supported by the European Union (EU).

The working papers and dialogues were centered onthe answer to a fundamental question: How can we reconciliate between the modern world which attained a degree of technological, social, political, and cultural progress without losing cultural specifity or facing isolation from the world which is rapidly changing while we remain in our stationary condition.

Paris Declaration (en) - 272.1 kb
Paris Declaration (en)

9th January 2005


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