Arab Human Development Report



UNDP has offices in 17 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (or the Arab States region as it is referred to in UNDP). UNDP’s work has ranged from capacity building to policy formulation, within a region that has diverse needs due to the varied economic base of the countries it serves.

UNDP-Arab States has succeeded in bringing to the forefront important social issues, which have become the subject for advocacy, debate, and policy development. In these efforts a focus has been placed on improved economic growth and enhanced governance, through capacity building, public participation, and legal frameworks. UNDP understands that an improved regulatory system and rule of law, in addition to a better developed human capacity, will enable the Arab States to improve their economic, as well as social and political environments to the betterment of their peoples and States.

Oficials Documents

AHDR 2003 - Just released
Building a Knowledge Society

AHDR 2002
Creating Opportunities for Future Generations

AHDR 2004 ?????

English, Arabic, French

22nd December 2004


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