The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women (LCRVAW)


Country: Lebanon
Address: P.O. Box14 -5745 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: (961-1) 846 612 - (961-1)- 899 612
Fax: (961-1) 846 612 - (961-1)- 899 612


A Lebanese NGO operating on a national scale with two main branches in Beirut and Tripoli.


1 . Carrying the concept of violence from private to public spheres in order to influence public opinion to reject and condemn abuse;

2. Lobbying for legal and social reforms, and working on legislating laws for the protection of abused women and young women.

3. Providing free legal-aid and counseling to victims of violence, women and young women


Advocacy; training; raising awareness.

Intervention Sectors:

Young women’s rights: Equal opportunities; gender based violence.

Capacity building: Leadership training; enabling environment.

Leadership: Percentage of young women’s membership: 50%

Young women in leadership positions:50 %

Networking: Partners at the national level:

1. Democratic Youth Union;
2. Women’s Organizations in general.

Member of regional platform: Permanent Arab Court to Resist Violence against Women.

Guidelines/ Participation:

Existing policies and guidelines to ensure young women’s participation:

1. Encouragement and support;
2. Training opportunities;
3. Awareness raising regarding young women’s participation and rights in all fields;
4. Access to information including rights and responsibilities.

Project: Awareness Raising and Multi-Media Project.


The project aimed at raising awareness on the different forms of violence, to which women and girls are subjected, and at exploring with university students, male and female, how social stereotypes contribute to perpetuate discrimination and abuse.


At a first stage, through an interactive awareness session, 25 students (age19 -25) were introduced to the various types of violence, to prevention techniques, and to laws governing domestic violence. They deliberated about the root causes of GBV and examined different forms of discrimination against women.

“Not a captive, not a divorcee, equal and active, I am meant to be”

At a second stage, the participants were actively involved in a small-scale project during which they had to study and illustrate this topic through multi-media and communication tools, (posters, video, publicity spot, etc).

Target Group: 25university students (19- 25years old).

Results: Both young women and men were involved in the project, as equal partners who learned how to change attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate gender based violence.

Project2 : Awareness Raising Targeting High-School Students.


1 . Empowering girls and boys to break the vicious circle of inequity and violence, by developing their understanding on domestic violence and gender discrimination practices.

2. Addressing the issue of child abuse and encouraging students to report cases of abuse. This particular component was anticipated in view of cases of child abuse reported to the council at an earlier stage.


Awareness-raising sessions were organized targeting more than20 Lebanese private schools across Lebanon. Topics discussed covered the different forms of domestic violence, its root causes and violence prevention techniques. At a second stage, when possible and in cooperation with the school-board, the facilitators provided information on the issue of incest and sexual abuse, encouraging students to say no and report cases of abuse.

Target Group: 1200young women and men (15-18) through 20 Lebanese Private Schools.

Challenges: Inability to reach out to public and conservative schools who still consider that family violence is a private matter.

Project3 : Hotline Project

Brief: Violence against women is a general practice, which is treated as a private family matter, and often ignored by officials and citizens alike due to legislation and cultural factors. Giving these findings, the LCRVAW established a hotline project to fight violence against women and young women. Through the hotline, LCRVAW provides victims of abuse women and young women with:

1. Legal counseling and representation;

2. Specialized psychological counseling and social advice;

3. Follow-up on some cases in court. Target Group: Women and young women who are victims of violence.

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30th June 2004


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